How Coffee Pods normally work

 They’re quick, reliable, and there’s very little in the way of mess or coffee grounds to clear up. Just sling the pod into the machine, add water and press a button.

quick, easy and reliable

Domestic kitchens, hotels, restaurants, workplaces; there aren’t too many places you can go these days without half-expecting to see an espresso-style coffee pod machine. They’ve become as regular an appliance as a toaster or a humble electric kettle. 

Perhaps it’s all George Clooney’s fault. The moment the silken-voiced Hollywood A-lister wandered onto our screens hawking Nespresso’s range of easy-to-use pods, the dye was cast. Who wouldn’t want to make the upgrade from freeze-dried instant to these seemingly revolutionary coffee dispensing contraptions?

In 2020, Nespresso alone sold 14bn capsules; either online or from stores in 84  different countries. Unpack that a little further: that’s over 400 Nespressos drunk every second!

And it’s easy to see the attraction. They’re quick, reliable, and there’s very little in the way of mess or coffee grounds to clear up. Just sling the pod into the machine, add water and press a button. Hey voila! Serviceable espresso coffee every time. 

But does all this convenience come at a cost?

Are we really getting the true, authentic freshly-ground coffee experience with a standard supermarket pod? 

I’m afraid to say, the answer is...not quite.

While the average coffee pod is certainly a marked improvement on a jar of instant, it simply doesn’t compare in terms of quality to the offerings of an artisan roaster.

Most pre-filled pods that you see stacked in your local supermarket will be sourced from Europe, the Far East and Australia—and, as you’d imagine, there’s a fairly lengthy transit period involved in this process. Between the coffee being roasted in its native country and arriving on British shores, we’re looking at months rather than weeks before that pod is safely nestled in your machine. In fact, the shelf life of a pre-filled pod can be two years! 

The term ‘freshly-roasted’ is suddenly looking like a bit of a stretch. Does it still count as fresh if the coffee has been freeze-dried and stored in a shipping container for weeks? 

The jury is out.

freshly-ground, freshly-roasted blends

Here at Coffee Pods, we laugh in the face of your imported freeze-dried baloney. Instead, we rely on the expertise of hundreds of UK-based artisan roasters to source and supply their own unique freshly-ground, freshly-roasted blends. 

Our customers have a veritable smorgasbord of flavours to choose from—each packed with its own intoxicating, individual aroma. Simply fill your pod with your chosen blend, and you’re ready to start percolating. Don’t be shackled by the limitations of pre-filled pods. Take control and choose the blend YOU want.

And when we say it’s fresh: it’s fresh!

Don’t worry if you’re not a bonafide coffee connoisseur. If choosing one blend out of the hundreds available seems like an intimidating task, we’ve got a comprehensive guide to all the world's coffee regions, coffee types and flavour tones—all the information you could possibly need to find the blend that suits you.

how are we doing so far?

A simple-to-use pod, filled with the freshly-roasted coffee of your choice. And, unlike supermarket versions, our pod is 100% home compostable and 100% environmentally-friendly.

What more could you want?

Posted by Mark Shurey on July 14th 2021

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