How to Make Your Own Coffee Pods

Let’s start with the positives...actually, who are we kidding? It’s all positive. Making your own coffee pods couldn’t be simpler and the environmental benefits of our 100% home-compostable capsules just cannot be beaten. It’s good stuff all the way down! 

It Couldn't be any easier...

You see, when we say our pods are ‘home-compostable’ we truly mean it. Disposing of a Coffee Pods capsule is as straightforward as slam dunking a banana peel into the recycling bin—or on top of the compost heap. Once finished with, you can dispose of the pod like you would any other biodegradable foodstuff. Either let the organic process take its course—our pods will turn into fertilizer within 4-6 weeks—or pop it into the general waste bin where it’ll be scooped off to the landfill for a rapid, natural breakdown.

While we might be very transparent about the green qualities of our cane sugar-derived capsules, sadly, there are plenty of other coffee pod manufacturers out there who are obliged to leave out the crucial word ‘home’ when describing the compostable qualities of their product. And there’s the crunch. Most supermarket-bought pods cannot be composted domestically—instead they need to be industrially broken down in a specialised facility.

Ground coffee beans

So, what’s the problem, I hear you ask?

As long as they can be composted in some way or other, that’s fine isn’t it?

Cool your jets, Captain Planet. The issue facing us in this scenario is that the UK does not have the adequate means to support this industrial process, and, as such, the Government classifies these ‘green’ pods as contaminated. Meaning, a grim olde trip to the incinerator or landfill site. Neither of which is particularly good for the environment, to put it mildly.  

So, while other coffee pod manufacturers might claim to be a genuinely eco-friendly product, it’s only with Coffee Pods can you guarantee a 100% home-compostable capsule. 

And we think that’s pretty great. 

Right, where were we?

Ah yes…

*drum roll*

Making your own coffee pods!

Perhaps the hardest part in this entire process is selecting just one coffee from the many hundreds available to you. Our customers have access to a seemingly bottomless pit of coffee blends once they step aboard the good ship Coffee Pods—each positively bursting with its own distinct, soul-stirring aroma. And how do we know which blends to choose? We seek expert advice from the many hundreds of UK-based artisan roasters, who each provide us with a wonderful selection of unique, freshly-roasted blends.

So, once you’ve decided which variety of grind you’ll be using today, the first step is to remove the plunger and cover from your specially-designed Coffee Pods tray. Next you’re going to insert each 100% home-compostable pod into the holes provided and slot the cover back into place. So far, so simple.

Lady filling coffee pods with ground coffee beans

So what’s the alternative?

Now you’re going to take your freshly-ground blend from your favourite artisan roaster, and fill the pods with coffee until they’re categorically past the point of full. Your pod doth runneth over. But don’t panic, it’s all part of the process! Just appreciate that intoxicating aroma of fresh, roasted coffee surging through your nostrils!

Next, take one of our purpose-built scraper cards and, you guessed it, scrape off the excess coffee. You’re an artist! But no time to admire your handiwork, you need to insert the plunger—two holes at time—and carefully push the coffee down into each pod.

Nearly there! Gently remove the plunger and cover and place a lid on each pod. Now, press down around the edges to seal that coffee goodness in the pod.

And finally, tip out the filled pods and pop one securely in your Nespresso machine. Hey presto! Heavenly, eco-friendly coffee is just a button press away.

And it’s really as easy as that!

Posted on August 19th 2021

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