Disposing of Your Coffee Pods

Slam dunk that sucker right in the food bin!

Dispose in your garden or in the recycling bin like you would any other compostable foodstuff. Or, simply pop it in your general waste bin where it’ll be whisked off to landfill for a speedy, natural breakdown. 

It’s as easy and as straightforward as that!

COFFEE PODS will start to naturally decompose after they’ve been removed from your Nespresso® machine. Our pods biodegrade into fertiliser within 4-6 weeks, releasing nitrogen and other nutrients into the soil - a carnival of goodness for your plants and vegetables.

Industrial 'eco' or ‘compostable' coffee capsules cannot be home composted. The UK Government requires these types of coffee pods to be incinerated, further increasing their carbon footprint during disposal.

So, to sum up: unbeatable coffee freshness, 100% environmentally friendly, AND ludicrously simple to dispose of. It all sounds rather brilliant if you ask me.

Ready to give us a try? It'll Be the Best Decision you Make today.

Starter Pack | 75 Pods

Start your compostable coffee pod journey from the comfort of your own home. Includes instructions, filling tray and 75 pods to set the wheels in motion.

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Now you're a compostable coffee pod maestro, why not get 75 of the little beauties sent through your letterbox each month? 100% environmentally friendly; 100% delicious.

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Subscribe + | 150 Pods

For the bonafide coffee connoisseur; never let your compostable coffee pod stock run dry with this bumper delivery - all primed and ready to be filled with beautifully fresh coffee.

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