Filling Your Coffee Pods

Using the COFFEE PODS tray you can select your favourite coffee and create your own pods within a few minutes.

Remove plunger and cover.

Insert empty pods.

Slot the cover in place.

Fill the pods with the ground coffee (Aeropress grind for best results) until they overflow—smell that freshly roasted coffee. It’s intoxicating!

Scrape off the excess coffee using one of the scraper cards.

Insert the plunger (two holes at a time), and gently push the coffee down into each pod.

Carefully remove the plunger and cover.

Place a lid on each pod and press down around the edges to seal the coffee in the pod.

Tip out the filled pods—you’re now ready to make a delicious cup of coffee. Pop one in your Nespresso machine and Bob is very much your uncle. Heavenly, eco-friendly coffee is just seconds away!

And if all that sounds easy enough, well, you’d be right.

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Price Comparisons

Brewing Method Average Cost Per Cup
Coffee Pods filled with artisan coffee* 32p
Pre-filled online coffee pod* 35p-£1.00
Supermarket bought coffee pod 30p-40p
Cafetiere 40p
Chemex 48p
Aeropress 41p
Drip Cone 43p
Stove Top 49p
Espresso 55p
Average shop bought coffee £3.10-£3.50

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