Extracting The Best From Your Coffee Pods

There's a wonderful methodology behind getting the perfect coffee. Let's talk about it...

Step 1 - The type of grind

Get the basics right and you'll not go far wrong.

To get the best out of your coffee pods we recommend using an aeropress or mokapot grind (medium-fine).

They are both a slightly coarser grind that will allow more hot water to pass through the pod during the coffee extraction process.

If the grounds are too coarse, you’re likely to experience a sour, acidic salty taste whereas if the coffee is ground too fine, over extractions will give you a tasteless, bitter coffee.

Please note: Espresso grind is not recommended.

Step 2 - The Sneaky bit: Tweak Your Nespresso Machine

Now, we'll let you in on a little (not-so-secret) secret: the Nespresso machine can be tweaked and recalibrated to get the perfect coffee concoction. Use our step-by-step guide for the ultimate pod experience.

Our pods hold 5.5g of coffee (that’s 10% more than standard shop-bought capsules), so we recommend recalibrating your Nespresso® machine to optimise results. For a short coffee, we suggest using 25g of water; or 80g for a long coffee. In order to make these adjustments, please follow the instructions below.

Almost all Nespresso® machines have the same programming procedure. However, please consult the instruction manual of your machine for any variations.

To reprogramme your machine, you will need to press and continuously hold down the short brewing button until you reach the desired weight.

1) Place your cup on digital scales directly under the coffee outlet.

2) Set your scales to zero.

3) Place your coffee pod into the machine.

4) Press and hold down the short brewing button, only releasing it when the scales show 25g.

5) This button is now set.

6) Repeat the process for the long brewing button until the scales show 80g.

When making your next coffee you will only need to press and release the selected button once. Piece of cake. And you know what goes great with cake? 

You guessed it...

Step 3 - Barista Tips for the World's Best Coffee

1) Water quality is very important. Use filtered water (or bottled water if you live in a hard water area).

2) Before inserting a coffee pod into your machine, press and release the long brew button to run through hot water.

3) Give each coffee pod a little shake before use (this helps ensure an even extraction and flow).

4) Make your coffee as normal.

5) Release the used pod.

6) Press and release the short brew button to run a small amount of hot water through the machine - this prevents any build-up of coffee oils in your machine.

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