The Coffee Pods Story

Coffee Pods came in to existence because we wanted to make a difference. We love coffee as much as anyone - making and enjoying beautifully crafted fresh coffee needn't be at the expense of the environment.

First...Here’s an alarming fact for you.

The UK disposes over one billion coffee pods every year. That's in excess of one billion little deposits that are incinerated or dumped into landfill sites all over the country, where they’ll sit for 500 years before finally decomposing. Globally, that figure rockets to an eye-watering 69 billion. A number so vast that if you laid each pod end-to-end, it would reach the moon and back...twice.

And, if you think anyone’s got a handle on those astronomical figures, then, well, we’re here to disappoint. The coffee pod consumption rate is increasing by nearly 10% each year.

Being appropriately horrified by these bleak statistics, we decided it was time to take action.

Finding an Eco-Friendly Solution

We knew there must be an environmentally-friendly coffee pod alternative out there, so we put all our efforts and powers of investigation into finding one. After stretching our feelers across the globe, we discovered a material that can be moulded into pods and lids using a by-product of sugar cane.

Now, your average biodegradable coffee pod might have aspirations of being eco-friendly, but simply will not degrade in your domestic garden and food waste bins. Instead, in a bewildering twist of irony, industrial compostable pods usually find their home in the landfill or the incinerator. 

Our 100% natural pods, however, will happily decompose into fertiliser within 4-6 weeks. They also possess that handy superpower of releasing nitrogen and other nutrients into the soil. A veritable banquet for your vegetables and plants.

The Key Bit... Freshly Ground Coffee. Your Favourite, No Less.

With the ecologically-sustainable pod created, the next task was to find the coffee to fill it. The majority of pre-filled pods are sourced from Europe, the Far East and Australia. As there’s a fairly lengthy transit period between the coffee being roasted in its native country and arriving in the UK, it’s on shaky ground that the coffee can be deemed ‘freshly roasted’.  The shelf life of pre-filled coffee pods can be over two years. 

How did we solve this? By exclusively using freshly ground coffee from almost five hundred  artisan coffee roasters here in the UK. You’ve got 100’s of different roasts and blends to choose from - each with their own intoxicating and unique aroma and all sourced from small co-operatives. Does anything smell quite as good as freshly ground coffee? 

No, is the answer to that.

And if you’re worried it’s going to be a drain on your wallet choosing an eco-friendly alternative, we’re happy to inform you that you’ll be paying less than your pre-filled pods!

So, what is there to lose? Enjoy the finest, freshly-ground coffee on the market, and save the planet while you’re at it. Sounds like a pretty good deal to us. 

We hope you agree!

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