Indian Mooleh Manay


Indian Mooleh Manay

Boozy, chocolaty with tart cherries.

Boozy, chocolaty with tart cherries

The South India Coffee Company was started in 2017 by husband and wife duo Akshay Dashrath and Komal Sable, 5th generation coffee planters from Coorg, one of the oldest coffee-growing regions in India. 

Mooleh Manay Estate was established with the aim of producing sustainable and environmentally responsible high-quality coffee using modern farming techniques. The plantation is located in North Coorg, on the banks of the Harangi backwaters in the foothills of the Western Ghats.

This is a natural/dry-processed coffee where the coffee beans are allowed to dry inside the fruit in the sunshine. The juicy pulp inside the fruit adds a sweet, fruity nature to the coffee beans as it dries. An almost fermented flavour with some of them. This process can add extra body to the coffee and a slight boozy nature, but they are often quite unpredictable and flavour can vary from batch to batch. 

This coffee is boozy and chocolaty with tart cherries.

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