Subscription Plus | 150 Pods


Subscription Plus | 150 Pods

More pods, more coffee goodness. 150 of the glorious little devils delivered right to your doorstep on a regular basis. Load 'em up and let's get brewing!

The Key Bits


Used COFFEE PODS are guaranteed 100% home-compostable, decomposing into fertiliser within a few weeks.


You choose what, when and how your coffee pods are delivered. Making fresh coffee more accessible than ever.

Fresh Coffee

You choose the coffee! Your favourite artisan roasters can be used with our pods.

Nespresso Compostable Coffee Pods

Ready for regular, fresh, amazing coffee on a regular basis? Yup, thought that may be the case. Order your coffee pods deliveries on a schedule that suits you. You can change the delivery times as often as you need until that balance is just right.

Want to add coffee to your order?

Pick from a variety of coffees that suit you, from the selection below. 

Limini Speciality Blend

The very best blend from Brazil, El Salvador & India

Limini Blend Dark Roast

A smooth rich blend with caramel, dark chocolate notes


A smooth sweet blend with chocolatey nutty flavour


Full bodied with smooth dark chocolate notes

El Salvador

A milder coffee with sweet, plum chocolatey notes

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